Monday, March 15, 2010

Step 1- Job Hunting

Spring Break is over! The end is near. May 1st. RUN AWAY!
There are a number of stepping stones that lead me across this limbo between pregrad and postgrad. Three major ones are at the forefront of my thinking.
1. Find a place to live
2. Get a job
3. Graduate
Seems simple yes? Not so much. The graduating part will be a breeze, but the rest of it is slightly more difficult.
Let's begin with the employment stone.
A few weeks ago we had a career fair at school where I doled out my resume to a few places. It seems the main positions for a psych graduate in this area is Therapeutic Staff Support and Teacher/Counselors. I went to one table that I had researched already at the advisement of my academic advisor (how bout that!?) The people seemed to really enjoy their work and they asked for my resume, and for me to fill out an application when I got home.
Well... surprise surprise!
I had already done that AND had it with me! So I gave it to them with my resume, and received their information in return. They reacted very positively to that forward-thinking gesture, or so I thought. I haven't heard anything back yet! I'm going to follow up later this week.
I don't think job hunting is the situation to be all "he's just not that into you" so I'm going to keep at it until something is set in stone.

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  1. seems like you definitely wooed them. i would definitely keep bugging them until you hear something back. good luck! hugs!!


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