Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Like to Move It Move It

Pickin' up the pace!
I've finally stopped playing dead!
Wednesday: Ice cream w/ Angela
Thursday: 3 mile walk + gut-wrenching Greys
Friday: Vision boarding then out for a drinky-poo with Holly
Saturday: Strip District w/ Holly, Waterfront with Angela
Sunday: Shadyside Arts Festival, 40 minute walk, concoct Vegan Overnight Oats a la Oh She glows for tomorrows breakfast

After hiding in my apartment until 9pm on Friday night, I decided enough was enough.
It's not like I was in bed the whole time, mind you. I did spend most of the day creating a very large vision board for the devastatingly blank wall in my bedroom.
However, when I left my apartment to go all the way to the front stoop, I figured I had be antisocial for long enough.
I wound up going out for a drink with a good friend from FeelGood, and we had made plans to hit The Strip District the following morning. (Hooray for leaving the house before noon!!!!!)
Later that afternoon, I went flip-flop shopping and to dinner at Bravos with a different friend and we braved the ensuing monsoon that hit The Waterfront that afternoon.
I finally purchased a new juicer. It's not quite as effective as my old(broken) one, but it did the trick, and is MUCH cheaper than the $200 juicer I've had a crush on.
In the spirit of using this time to focus on being healthier I've stumbled across some awesome wellness blogs and websites.
Of course there's always many more, but these have been my current obsessions.
Also? I've had Stephen Lynch's "Craig" Stuck in my head all day and have resorted to inserting "Cait" into the lyrics. Evidently my newfound social freedom has yet to have any effect on my sanity.
Where will you be when the Cait machine comes partying through?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hardly Workin'

I was originally supposed to do my training for work Thursday, but it was rescheduled to next FRIDAY due to a mix up. Which means one more week of NOTHING!
Lately my days have been super exciting:
Sleep till 11
make a smoothie
watch Gilmore Girls
read cookbooks/surf the web
watch trashy tv
do laundry/housework
more trashy tv
leave my cave around 4-5pm to do random errands
make dinner
more trashy tv
back to bed
I think it is evident that I don't do very well without a schedule. Earlier in the week I figured that with all this newfound free time I could start a new healthy eating routine. I just brought my juicer back from home and bought lots of fresh juicing materials (cukes, celery, carrots, leafy greens, tomatoes, herbs, etc)
I concocted one very fresh, delicious and green juice. Then I tried to get one step ahead and get it all clean for the following day, buuuuut I broke it when putting it back together :-(
SO now I have a fridge full of random veggies waiting for me to find recipes for them, or to purchase a new juicer (not cheap).
Ah well, I still have my books to fall back on. Started Eat Pray Love yesterday and am devouring every word that clever lady composes.
Happy Weekend!

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Been One Week...

The past week and a half consisted of:
Two job offers
One accepted job offer
One attended graduation
One skipped graduation
One barefoot walk across the stage to acquire
One fake diploma
One very awesome weekend visit from family
One very pretty pair of pearl earrings
One sparkly diamond necklace
One gifted trip to Seattle (to take place this summer)
One jump out of a tiny airplane
One successfully opened parachute
One leap of faith that led to
One destroyed friendship
One trip home and back
One healing girls night out with my amazing friends.

Just recently graduated and the amount of change happening is overwhelming.
and is insane. Some of it has been devastating, but most of it has been good.
I'm going to a wedding in New Haven, Connecticut this weekend and I start training for my TSS job next Thursday.
Now I just have to figure out what to do with all this time.
I have a number of books I want to read this summer, and some yoga studios to check out.
Hopefully the rest of this transition will be