Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hardly Workin'

I was originally supposed to do my training for work Thursday, but it was rescheduled to next FRIDAY due to a mix up. Which means one more week of NOTHING!
Lately my days have been super exciting:
Sleep till 11
make a smoothie
watch Gilmore Girls
read cookbooks/surf the web
watch trashy tv
do laundry/housework
more trashy tv
leave my cave around 4-5pm to do random errands
make dinner
more trashy tv
back to bed
I think it is evident that I don't do very well without a schedule. Earlier in the week I figured that with all this newfound free time I could start a new healthy eating routine. I just brought my juicer back from home and bought lots of fresh juicing materials (cukes, celery, carrots, leafy greens, tomatoes, herbs, etc)
I concocted one very fresh, delicious and green juice. Then I tried to get one step ahead and get it all clean for the following day, buuuuut I broke it when putting it back together :-(
SO now I have a fridge full of random veggies waiting for me to find recipes for them, or to purchase a new juicer (not cheap).
Ah well, I still have my books to fall back on. Started Eat Pray Love yesterday and am devouring every word that clever lady composes.
Happy Weekend!

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  1. we all need breaks from time to time ;) you deserved it! the green juice sounds amazing. i've been a bit of a juicing whore recently myself :P hugs!!


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