Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Heinz 57

Time to play ketchup catch up!

  • Things that have gone down since February:

    • I ran a 5k! 
    • SOMEBODY hired me!
    • I moved! (not far, just back to my old hood)
    • I got hooked on True Blood
    • Started planning programming for the Hunger Summit in NYC this year for FeelGood
    • Online dating!
    • Independence day in DC
    • Pirates and Wenches weekend in Rock Hall
    • Bernardo Family Reunion in Toronto
    • Weird Al, Ke$ha, Halestorm concert
    • Met super spectacular author Jen Lancaster
    • Said goodbye to my bff who had the audacity to move to Austin, Texas for grad school
  • Things that will happen in the near future:
    • Graduation from Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy
    • Tea Trade, courtesy of Melita
    • Reading more books
    • Business & career planning, building, dreaming
    • The Hunger Summit! Featuring keynote speaker Obura Tongoi
    • FeelGood4Life information dinner
    • Get on a consistent budget!
  • Things happening in the immediate future:
    • Read a chapter
    • Take a nap
    • Make dinner out of the two coolers in my kitchen (my fridge is no more, ceased to be, bereft of life it rests in peace!)
    • Take an evening autumnal stroll through Shadyside with my friend N, drinking tea and picking out our future houses.

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