Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!!!

As today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, I felt like jotting down some things I'm super grateful for lately.
  1. Having half of my family be Canadian, and therefore getting to have two Thankgivings
  2. The beautiful weather Pittsburgh has been having these past few days
  3. My recent motivation to clean my apartment
  4. Candles
  5. Living in an area that is so convenient to anything I could possibly need (except for my momma, she's four hours away)
  6. Having the means and the time to go to school for Massage Therapy
  7. Halloween decorations
  8. Hot mulled apple cider
  9. Flannel sheets
  10. My friends, who put up with my bitching, and listen to my stories far more than anyone should ever have to
  11. My mom who just paid a $50 parking ticket for me
  12. Pumpkin Pie with maple syrup
  13. A vacuum cleaner that WORKS
  14. The short and sweet moments that remind me that I'm EXACTLY where I should be
  15. Going to my very first STEELERS game this weekend!!!!!
  16. The Pittsburgh presence on Twitter
  17. Twinkle lights
  18. Sleeping in
  19. The $10 gift card from Victoria's Secret that just came in the mail
  20. Finally having a camera again

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