Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So far, two interviews and all I have to show for it is a background checking company that continues to stalk me for W2 forms and references upon references.
Listen people, I'm 22 frickin' years old, didn't work through much of college, my high school employer went out of business... I DON'T HAVE ANY MORE REFERENCES!!!!!!!!
OK that's a lie.
I could give you the many names of my many friends and family members to tell you I've never been arrested, but you don't WANT friends and family members!
Employers, you are SO high maintenance.
Take a darn breath!
On the bright side, as a kind of chance happening, the teacher of my Leadership Seminar thought I e-mailed him about a job at the school I volunteer at (I didn't), but I told him I was interested in it anyway. I sent him my resume yesterday, but he's out of the country for the week. The position as I understand it would be to creep in step-by-step as a guidance counselor of sorts, as the current guidance counselor retires.
At first I was like "Yay! A job! With a school I love! With a wickedcool boss! Weeeee!"
But now as I'm getting more into the swing of things with my volunteer work (with some awesome kindergartners) I'm getting more and more pumped about having the opportunity to actually help the rugrats.
I find myself researching coping strategies for children managing stress, and I look forward to speaking with them the next day about it.
I'm catching on to what makes them tick, and it's surprisingly exciting.
I've had the inkling for a long time now that there's more to kids than what meets the eye. I think I probably felt that way even as a kid myself.
It's a shame when I hear other adults talking about the children as if they're not even in the room, or catching them talking down to the kids like they're beneath them.
Frankly, there' s absolutely nothing more in tune and honest than a child. They deserve to have their voice heard and understood.
They deserve to know that their feelings are there for a reason, and that their voice should have a place within that world which dictates their every minute. I think as a pseudo-counselor for these kids, I could help them realize just that.
However, that's almost enough ranting for one posting. This is my last week of undergrad classes, and I have about 7 papers due this week. I DID move into my new apartment (which I love) and will be writing about it in the near future...perhaps after finals.
So for now, I bid you kids adieu.

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